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EarthBuzz Weather is with certainty the most amazing 3D weather app for iPad, animating a mash-up of real time satellite data, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, current weather conditions and your Facebook and Twitter friends on a beautiful 3D earth.

EarthBuzz Weather in action

EarthBuzz Weather is also one of the highest rated and perhaps currently one of the most obscure Weather apps for Apple’s iPad on the iTunes App Store. It is a hidden gem so to speak, for which the category of weather application belies the true nature of this beautiful piece of 3D software artwork.

EarthBuzz Weather is completely unique in that it blends a journey of earth discovery with social networking data and near real-time animated satellite clouds, current weather conditions, weather forecasts and global geological events.

See your friends and loved ones on a beautifully rendered 3D globe featuring a 160 megapixel rendition of NASA’s Blue Marble Earth Imagery and an overlay of live satellite clouds. View an animation of the last 8 hours of cloud activity updated at hourly intervals. EarthBuzz Weather integrates with Twitter and Facebook and allows you to check in, tweet and post about important earth events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes.

On the technology side, EarthBuzz engine uses a sophisticated tiling technique innovated by NASA. Instead of using rectangular tiles in Mercator projection, like other Earth software, the EarthBuzz Engine uses a technique known as Tessellated Octahedral Tiling. In addition EarthBuzz adds the capability to view animated overlays of real-time data making it quite unique in terms of a combination of virtual earth software and weather application.


EarthBuzz Weather will appeal to weather buffs, data visualization and 3D enthusiasts, pilots, teachers, travellers and anybody with an interest in our beautiful planet. You will truly love this app and it is a great way to show off the awesome GPU power of the latest iPad 4th gen and iPad Mini.

File under essential apps. Keywords: 3D, earth, satellite, cloud, weather, iPad.

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January 22, 2013 at 12:57 am

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EarthBuzz Polar Alignment

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In response to user feedback, three mechanisms have been added to the upcoming version of EarthBuzz to enable the user to be both aware of the earth’s polar axis of rotation and to allow the user to re-align to the rotational polar axis when needed:


A compass has been added that shows the earth’s rotational polar axis (not magnetic polar axis) in the bottom right corner. This is under user control and optional via Settings.

Snap to polar axis

During two finger scale/rotate operation, when the user is within 5 degrees either side of the polar axis, the earth will snap to the polar axis.

Rotate to polar axis

Tapping on the compass will rotate the current view to the polar axis. Zoom level and center position remain the same.

Watch the video to see the new enhancements in action:

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April 11, 2012 at 6:34 pm

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EarthBuzz Weather iPhone and iPad Screenshots updated

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EarthBuzz Weather Screenshots on iPhone and iPad – the most amazing 3D weather app for iOS featuring live satellite clouds, current conditions, weather forecasts, twitter friends, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes and over a dozen forecast image layers such as rain, snow, ice, humidity, temperature, wind speed, storm potential and more…

EarthBuzz Screenshots on iPhone and iPad

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March 25, 2012 at 11:22 pm

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EarthBuzz 1.3 now available

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EarthBuzz 1.3 New Look

EarthBuzz Weather 1.3 is been submitted to the iTunes App Store for approval and should be available any day now. Update: the new version has been approved and is now available on iTunes App Store.

The focus of EarthBuzz version 1.3 is on stability, scalability and refinements.

The look and feel has been fine tuned with the additional of a new (optional) favourites panel to quickly see time and conditions for your favourite locations. The city label style has been improved while retaining the old style as an option along with other small refinements such as new icons in the layer selection window and a new font size setting.

The weather download performance has been improved tenfold by implmentation of a new protocol that allows the EarthBuzz client to batch requests for many locations at a time and a more compact nework format means they flow in faster.

The number of  locations has been increased by 5 times so now when you zoom in, after a second or two, many more locations will appear asynchronously loaded in the background for the specific region you zoom in to.

Summary of Major Refinements in EarthBuzz 1.3.0

  • New favourites panel to quickly navigate favourites and view current time and conditions
  • Loads temperatures 10 times faster using a new and more efficient network protocol
  • Has 5 times as many builtin locations revealed simply by rotating and zooming
  • A number of visual improvements such as new label style and configurable font size

See the Release Notes for a detailed list of changes. Also, check out the latest Screenshots.

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December 20, 2011 at 8:02 pm

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EarthBuzz v1.2 now available

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EarthBuzzThe most fun and interactive weather app for iPhone/iPad goes social!

We are pleased to announce that EarthBuzz 3D Weather version 1.2 is now available on iTunes App Store.

Update Highlights

  • Twitter layer showing your friends and followers on a 3D globe
  • Tweet to friends about earthquakes, hurricanes and weather observations
  • Summarizes multiple geographical objects/events in the same location into ‘rollups’
  • New Hurricanes and Observations layers and enhanced details for Earthquakes
  • Many new forecast image layers (Clouds, Rain, Snow, Ice, Temperature, Humidity, Wind, …)
  • Country flags, borders and an embedded Wikipedia browser for country information
  • Performance and resolution improvements

Read the What’s New page for more details.

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October 26, 2011 at 5:26 am

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“Social Earth” Killer App

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What’s coming up in EarthBuzz version 1.2

We thought we would take the opportunity to tell you about the next EarthBuzz app upgrade which is due out in a few weeks.

The upcoming EarthBuzz version 1.2 will be the biggest update to the EarthBuzz interactive 3D weather application for iPad and iPhone since the initial release of EarthBuzz 3D Weather in April 2011.

There will be a mutltitude of additional earth events and weather data that can be visualized along with upgrades to the platform to handle the visualization and selection of a larger number of objects and the addition of social networking capabilities.

Here is a sneak peek at what’s coming up…

Twitter friends on the globeTweet to friends

Twitter Friends

Probably the most interesting new feature in EarthBuzz 1.2 is the addition of twitter integration.

You can now see your friends and loved ones around the globe based on the geo-location tags in their most recent twitter status update.

This does require that your friends add location information to their tweets and in fact we hope that EarthBuzz users will start regularly tweeting with their location as in addition to displaying your twitter friends around the globe, EarthBuzz now incorporates a simple Twitter client allowing you to send geo-located tweets to your friends and loved ones about relevant earth events such as nearby hurricanes and earthquakes.

It is our plan to enhance the social networking features in successive versions to allow EarthBuzz to become a true ‘social earth’ killer app.

Country Flags and BordersWikipedia Country information

Country Information

We believe there is huge potential for EarthBuzz is to become an earth education platform that can enable exploration and discovery of current earth events and to allow sharing of this information through integration with social networking platforms.

An initial step in this broader direction of ‘earth education’, stepping beyond the presentation of weather information is the addition of country borders and country flags layers and an embedded browser for browsing Wikipedia content on Countries.

The two screenshots above show the new country borders and country flags layers and the Wikipedia information shown upon touching one of the flag icons.

We hope to expand these information layers in future versions to include current news, events and global earth statistics.

Heating Degree DaysStorm Potential (CAPE)

Forecast Image Layers

In EarthBuzz 1.2 we continue to expand the weather data visualization features with the addition of a number of new forecast image layers.

The images above show two of the new forecast image layers:

  • Heating Degree Days – is a measure of demand for energy needed to heat homes or businesses and shows the deviation in degrees from 65°F (18.3°C).
  • Storm Potential (CAPE) – Connective Available Potential Engergy or CAPE shows the potential energy or instability in the atosphere and is used be meterologists as a predictor of storms.

In addition to the two new layers mentioned above, there are also new layers visualizing Wind, Temperature, Humidity, Snow, Ice, Rainfall and Cloud Cover.

Hurricanes and EarthquakesEarthquake Details

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Observations

Earthquake visaulization has been enhanced in version 1.2 both with the addition of ‘Roll ups’ allowing the ability to see and access all current earthquakes and a new information pop up with expanded details on each earthquake.

Hurricanes are a major new addition in version 1.2 and allow EarthBuzz to function as a Hurricane Tracker. The hurricane path, current and past obervation points, future projected path, forecasts and the cone of uncertainty are all visualized. Any previous observation, current or forecasted point can be touched to get expanded details such as wind speed and atmospheric pressure.

Observations also newly added, show adverse weather events such as floods, heavy rain, high winds, snow storms and other adverse weather events.

rollup summary rollup exploded

Roll Ups

The ‘Roll ups’ feature has been added to allow for easier visualization of a large number of objects by ‘rolling up’ similar objects into a summarized icon, that upon zooming, will explode out into mutliple individual objects.

‘Roll ups’ were implemented to support the visualization of twitter friends, for which the common case requires a method to visualize multiple friends in the same location.

multiple pointsmultiple points listing

Overlapping point selection

With the addition of many more visual layers and objects there came the need for a user interface enhancement to allow for the selection of a specific object amongst many in the same touch area.

In EarthBuzz 1.2 a feature has been added to let the user choose from a summary of multiple points in the case that there is more than one point in the touched region.

In the screenshots above you can see the earthquake icon off the coast of Japan overlaps the Tokyo label. Tapping on overlapping points will result in an intermediate pop up to allow the user to choose the point they intended.

Future Direction

The new update really shows the potential of the EarthBuzz as a ‘Social Earth’ education and discovery platform and are just a hint of things to come. The future direction of EarthBuzz is to expand on the vision of becoming the leading Earth information discovery and visualization tool for iPad and iPhone.

Over the coming months we intend to increase futher the depth and detail on the global weather information and expand coverage to include climate and broader sources of earth events. In addition we intend to expand the geo-location social networking capabilities of the platform with the addition of support for other social networking services such as Facebook, Foursquare and TripIt.

EarthBuzz on iPad

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October 10, 2011 at 10:31 am

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EarthBuzz Version 1.1 now available

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EarthBuzz 3D Weather version 1.1 is now available

The most fun and interactive weather app for iPhone/iPad has just now been improved and now contains even more fun!

We are pleased to announce that EarthBuzz 3D Weather version 1.1 is now available on iTunes App Store.

Update Highlights

  • More cities – 10,000 embedded cities with access to 50,000+ cities via a new server based search feature.
  • Favourites and World Clock – quickly access your favourite cities and as well as viewing their local time.
  • Earthquakes – graphical display of global earthquake activity over the last 24 hours.
  • Animated demo – an animated demo mode that lets you fly between your favourite cities.
  • More – view the iTunes EarthBuzz 3D Weather page for more details.

EarthBuzz Video

Check out the EarthBuzz Video to see an overview of some of the interface changes and new features in version 1.1.

EarthBuzz Screenshots

Browse the gallery of EarthBuzz Screenshots to get an idea of the new interface and functionality.


If you are not doing so already, consider following @earthbuzz on twitter and liking the EarthBuzz Facebook page.

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